About Us

About Mahavir Metal Overseas

At Mahavir Metal Overseas, we strive for excellence in quality, trust & providing extraordinary customer services.

Since its formation in 1995, then, known as Jagjivan B Malani& Sons, we have steadily grown in the Non Ferrous Metals Industry, across India, and marked ourselves as one of the most promising companies in the industry.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products and prompt customer service to build a strong brand for the Metal market. We aim to create value by constantly enhancing our market expertise and knowledge and providing exceptional after sales service.

At Mahavir Metal Overseas, we believe in investing in people and relationships since these are the most important contributors to one’s success.

We work closely with customers to understand their different needs and priorities with time.

Our vision is to become a global company in providing services to various industries and making business simpler and easier for them.

Meet Our Team

Bhikhu Malani

With experience of over 40 years in the Non Ferrous Metal Industry Bhikhu Malani has been instrumental in providing the company with correct guidance and decision making. His skills and knowledge of the industry have helped the company grow phenomenally each year. Apart from non ferrous metals, he also possesses great knowledge in Real Estate and Investing in Stocks and Bonds.

Hemal Malani

Hemal Malani, co-founder of Mahavir Metal Overseas is also an aspiring entrepreneur. He is the backbone of our company. He brings great financial and tax knowledge to the table. He has been a part of the company right from the beginning and has made his way up from the grass root level.

Jigar Malani

Jigar Malani completed his MBA in Finance from IBS Hyderabad. Having worked with JP Morgan in Mumbai for 1.5 years his knowledge expands beyond the metal industry. He prioritises investing in people and relationships. Jigar joined the business in the year 2015 and developed a new vertical of Aluminium Foil, Foil Stock & Scrap for the company. He is an integral part of the team and has assisted in making our internal processes automated and hassle free.