Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil

We proudly introduce ourselves as one of the largest Indenter’s &Traders of aluminium foils in the Indian Market.

With time we are expanding the sale of our products across India with a volume of 450 -500 Mt monthly.

We believe in providing our clients with the best quality of products along with prompt delivery and unmatched price.

Our company strives to serve its customers through every possible way by anticipating and fulfilling their needs perfectly.

We deal in the following foil products that are used in different industries:

Tobacco/Lamination Foil

These kinds of foils generally vary from 0.006 MM to 0.009 MM, also referred as Lamination Foil. These foils can be laminated with Paper/Poly or other materials which is further used in Packaging of Tobacco, Cigarettes, Chocolates, Fire Crackers and other items. Alloy: 1235/8011 Temper: O (Soft)

Household Foil

Foils that range from 0.0105 MM to 0.018 MM have become an essential part of the modern household. These are convenient for cooking, storing, reducing cleaning chores and wrapping various items. It is mainly used in Households, Garden & Workshops. Alloy: 8011 Temper: O (Soft)

Aluminium Foil Food Containers

This variety of foils is generally different from the other categories due to the change in mechanical properties. These are more brittle, tougher with heavy tensile strength which is important for the support in the base. Alloy: 3003 Temper: H24

Pharmaceutical Foil

Pharmaceutical packaging consumes the most amounts of aluminium foils compared to any other Industry. Packaging in foil makes the medicines non-hazardous to the health. They vary from 0.020 MM to 0.60MM, with a hard temper and strength. They are generally packed in two different ways: Poly Laminated Foils, Blister Foils and Alloy: 8011/8079 Temper: H14/H16